Kaldr (Cold) Axe

"Hand me my tee, boy"


Worn by those ready for war, this axe tee features intricate detail on the blade and pommel in front of nordic patternry. Keen eyed viking enthusiasts will also spot a Aegishjalmr carved into the wood. 


Literally translating to 'The Helm of Awe' or 'The Helm of Terror', viking warriors used to paint, tattoo or carve this symbol on their forehead between the eyes or on their arms before going into a battle.


The belief was that it would protect them, make then invincible and project fear into the hearts of their enemies.

  • With a T-cut shape, this tee is 96% cotton and 4% of elastane to add stretch was for a slim fit.


    Printed using 100% biodegradable, water-based organic inks; this tee is completely toxin-free and was created using exactly zero animal by-products at any part of the process.